Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is fast becoming one of the backbones of cost effective digital marketing, with the technological advances being made in social media, blogging and forums, social media is now a must have for all marketing campaigns. At Interactive Technologies we are leading the way with social media consultation and implementation.

A recent survey found that 63% of people were more likely to use a business if it has a social media presence. This is why we are determined to help businesses gain greater leads and larger brand awareness in a digital landscape of thousands of businesses; we will nurture and grow your businesses so it is more noticeable.

Technological developments mean that in 2013 social media will provide new insight into customer behaviour as well as improved productivity with internal networks. Innovative new uses of social media include agencies recruiting through social media and sales teams using social media marketing to generate leads and track clients.

Our Services:

  • Social Media Account Setup
  • Social Media Policy Development
  • Social Media Website Integration
  • Social Media Content Management