Software Development

InterActive Technologies provide custom designed software to enhance your organization's productivity, increase business opportunities, and sustain your competitive leading edge. Our software application engineers brings to your organization the best available up-to-date, leading edge technical resources, a clear and comprehensive development process, and a constant focus on your specific business objectives and future goals.

We provide a vast range of custom software development services so that we can present you with an appropriate solution to your current and future application needs and requirements. It doesn't matter if you have a simple program that you would like developed to track specific business/personal information or if you require an extensive application designed and developed for technical/engineering implementation purposes, we are here to satisfy whatever your project requires.

Below is a list of the variety of different types of applications that we have designed and developed over the years for various clients. If your application's requirements are different, do not hesitate to contact us since with our vast resources, we are positive that we can provide you with a solution, and if for some reason we cannot, we should be able to refer you to company that can satisfy your project's current needs and requirements.

  • Technical Real-time Data Acquisition Applications
  • Customized Business Applications
  • Customized Office Automation Applications
  • Rapid GUI (Graphical User Interface) Prototyping
  • Visual Basic 6 / VB.NET Development Platform
  • MS Access and SQL Server Database Backends
  • Existing Application Maintenance and Enhancements